Suline Fitness

Hello, dear guest.
As the Suline Fitness Classic family, we accept payments by Bitcoin, WorldRemit Low cost money transfers, Please you will have to place your order on the site by adding your items to cart and proceed to checkout before paying. You can contact us in any problem.

The payment methods we accept and how can I pay?

              1) WorldRemit Low cost money transfers.

Your first THREE order transfers are FREE with WorldRemit Low cost money transfers


Go to the site: and create a user account online. You will be able to pay for your order using your Credit card, be it Master Card or Visa Card   


How to send payment?: fill in the details as below:
1)  You send?  ($)Enter Order amount (Your Country)
2) They get? : Cameroon (XAF)
3) Delivery method?  Mobile money
4) Mobile Money partner? MTN MoMo
5) Create a free account and enter recipient details
Add a new recipient
First name? : Reneline
Last name? : Tiku
City/Town?  : Limbe
MTN mobile account number
(+237) 654420779
Mobile Number (for SMS updates)
(+237) 654420779
Reason for Sending? SUPPORT


If you have Bitcoin and want to pay for your order with Bitcoin, You can pay to our account information from the Bitcoin wallet during checkout with Bitcoin as payment gateway


How to Start Payment For HGH Prescription With CreditCard 

Step 1: Go to Changelly website Click Here.

Step 2: Firstly, go to the home page and select USD on the left and a crypto you want to buy on the right. Put in the amount of USD you are about to exchange.

Step 3: If this is your first time, you will need to verify your identity (just once!)

 Here is a screen where you need to input all the necessary information.