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7 vials for each box,
18IU(6mg) for each vial
total 126IU for each box


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Buy Serostim 6mg Online

Buy Serostim 6mg online is the brand name of Merck Serono; a drug prescription and a form of synthetic growth hormone that is marketed for wasting syndrome associated with AIDS. Buy serostim 6mg online

Specifically, this HGH is basically indicated or used for the HIV patient’s treatment with cachexia or wasting syndrome in order to increase body weight and body mass & also to improve physical endurance. Along with it.

Somatropin contains up to 191 amino acids making it compatible for the human body to react accordingly once treatment begins. No man or woman wouldn’t want to pause the time as long as looking young is in the picture. HGH is practically the ultimate option that is there for us to enjoy the rare fountain of youth

Order Serostim 6mg Online

Serono Serostim is a human growth hormone (HGH) of rDNA origin. This means that Serostim is produced through sophisticated recombinant DNA technology. rDNA is used to produce a synthetic aid that serves a similar purpose to the natural growth hormone substance produced by the pituitary gland. HGH aids in promoting muscle health, tissues, and bones.

Manufactured in Switzerland and marketed by Serono Laboratories, Serostim is an FDA-approved medication recommended for the treatment of AIDS wasting syndrome including HGH deficiency-related issues. The substance is Somatropin 191AA with a strength that sums up to 126IU (18IU per vial) of 7 vials.


Also known as somatropin, the HGH is actually an injectable drug for a growth hormone that is available only through prescriptions.

The FDA has also approved Serostim for the treatment of the muscle-wasting disease known as cachexia. Actually, this HGH comprises residues of the 191 amino acids & its structure and sequence are similarly identical to the endogenous growth hormone. HGHFITSTORE is the best HGH online store to order Serostim HGH with credit card bitcoin and apple pay don’t miss out.

Its structure and sequence confirm that it can do the same job as that of the natural growth hormone. If someone is suffering from a lack of growth hormone then he could be seriously benefited from this compound.


For training purposes, others advise you to go for 4-5 IUs. Depending on who you decide to seek the services from, a professional will surely help you get the best dosage for the best results.


Treatment with the product given 0.1 mg per kg every alternate day consorted with some side effects which further resulted in one similar improvement or development in the work output, compared to this medication dosage of 0.1 mg per kg daily.

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