Testosterone Enanthate 10ml 250mg/ml

Testosterone Enanthate 10ml 250mg Each 1ml ampoule contains 250mg T- Enanthate (the equivalent of about 180 mg testosterone) in an oily solution. Also contains 342 mg benzyl benzoate per ampoule

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Solution for injection. Clear, yellowish oily solution.
Product: Testosterone Enanthate
Each order unit contains: 10ml 250mg/ml
Active substance: Testosterone
Manufacturer / Brand: Genesis
T- Enanthate 10ml 250mg/ml for sale manufactured by Genesis – Shop for Testosterone now!

administration Posology this is To stimulate the development of underdeveloped androgen-dependent organs and for initial treatment of deficiency symptoms, 250mg Testosterone Enanthate intramuscularly every two to three weeks.

For maintenance treatment: 250mg Testosterone Enanthate intramuscularly every three to six weeks, according to individual requirement.

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